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Angenieux EZ-3 Cinema Zoom Kit | Super-35 to Full-Frame in 5 minutes

Angenieux EZ-3 Cinema Zoom Kit | Super-35 to Full-Frame in 5 minutes

By Matthew Fresolone | September 14th, 2023

Angenieux has announced the EZ-3 Convertible S35 and Full-Frame/VistaVision Zoom Lens-- the latest addition to the EZ cine-lens series. The EZ-3 is based on a similar philosophy as the earlier EZ-2 and EZ-1, with significant updates. Whereas its predecessor had shorter lenses and zoom ratios of 2.7x, the newer EZ-3 is capable of 3.7x Zoom with a predominantly telephoto lens size.


The key innovation of the EZ-3 is its ability to swap between Super-35 and FF/VV capture. Users can jump between these capture formats within five minutes by undoing screw-mounted rear optical blocks and focus/aperture scales. An important thing to understand before framing up any shots is that the Full-Frame rear group functions as a 1.5x extender. Because Super35 is slightly smaller a format than Full-Frame, it can operate with a somewhat wider aspect ratio. The 45mm T2.3 end of the Super-35 format optics is converted into 68mm T3.5 when the IRO is set to Full-Frame. Below are Angenieux's instructions for switching out the IRO in under five minutes:

Angenieux instructions for EZ-3 Cine lens' interchangeable Rear Optics

For those who prefer a more hands-on demonstration, Angenieux posted a video demonstrating the IRO.



Beyond its IRO selling point, the EZ-3 is an excellent cine lens on its own merits.

Zoom Ratio

The EZ-3’s 3.7x zoom ratio helps turn wider medium shots into tight closeups, condensing a series of prime lenses into one piece of glass. This convenience might not be necessary for controlled environments, where cinematographers with extra time can swap lens sizes between set-ups; but a versatile zoom lens can make all the difference for run-and-gun style filming, such as documentaries.
Focal Range Aperture Image Circle
Super 35 45-165mm T2.3/T3 30.4
Full-Frame/VV 68-250mm T3.5/T4.5 46.3

PL Mount

The Angenieux EZ-3 ships with an ARRI PL mount, the industry standard for cinema cameras. The RF, E, and EF mounts can be purchased separately for use with the EZ-3. For reference, the ARRI ALEXA and most top-of-the-line digital cinema cameras use the PL mount; Canon SLRs use the EF mount; certain Sony camcorders and mirrorless cameras use the E mount; and the RF mount is a 2018 Canon invention for certain mirrorless cameras.

Compact Form Factor

Lightweight metal makes up the lens’ 265mm exterior. The EZ-3 is remarkably light, weighing at 5.7lbs/2.6kg, remarkable for a full-frame lens with such a vast zoom ratio. Compare that to Angenieux’s Optimo Ultra 12—which has an unwieldy weight of 28 lbs.  


This is America music video used the Angenieux EZ series lenses (EZ-1), no doubt due to its compact form factor, which allowed for intricately long takes. Additionally, DoP Larkin Seiple made subtle uses of the EZ’s extensive zoom ratio, most noticeably when zooming in at 2:36 to frame Donald Glover in a closeup. This is America later won the Best Music Video award at the 61st Grammy Awards.


The EZ-3 cinema lens has a beautiful, cinematic image that matches with Angenieux's flagship Optimo series. The lens has exceptionally wide coverage without much distortion. While their versatility make them a great tool for any music video or run-and-gun shoot, Angenieux's EZ series lenses have been used on a variety of theatrically-released films, such as House of Gucci back in 2021.

Focus Gears

The Angenieux EZ-3 has standard .8 MOD gears for attachments like matte boxes and follow focus rigs. Its focus gears have 360° of focus rotation, enabling precise focus pulling on set. Focus scales are in both feet and meters. Markings are luminescent for shooting dark scenarios. There is slight focus ramping on the EZ-3 in certain shooting modes, which is not surprising considering the compact form factor mixed with exceptional coverage.  

Manual Lens Control Rings

  As an added bonus, the EZ-3 shares the same 114mm front diameter as the previous EZ series and other Angeinuex OPTIMO lenses, saving cinematographers the trouble of purchasing separate matte boxes and accessories. The EZ-3 has a 105mm thread at the front, allowing filters to be added to the front of the lens.  

AngenieuxEZ3 specs




Angenieux’s new EZ-3 is already in high demand as the pre-ordering period begins—and the cinema lens is priced at $19,300 retail. Some accessories on the market include RF, E and EF mounts, transport cases, lens hoods, and front protective glass. If you’re not a well-funded production company or rental house, your best option is probably to rent. While the EZ-3 is still in its preorder phase, it will be available soon to rent. So, why not check out Bokeh Rentals?

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