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Cooke’s New Macro/i FF 1:1 Lenses

Cooke’s New Macro/i FF 1:1 Lenses

By Matthew Fresolone | May 2nd, 2022

Cooke recently announced it is "introducing a new branch of the S/7 family" with its new 1:1 Macro lenses. Details remain vague about these /i-enabled, full frame lenses, other than their groundbreaking macro capabilities and stunning subject recreation. But with the facts Cooke's revealed so far, there's a lot to discuss:

Visual Look

Cooke designed its new Macro 1:1 lenses to fit in snugly with the existing "Cooke Look". The Macro/i FF have smooth bokeh, subdued to minimal flaring, and low lateral colour residual aberration. The Cooke Macro/i FF lenses are built with the same color science as several of Cooke’s newer lineups. This matching “Cooke Look” allows these lenses to be used interchangeably with other Cooke lenses, such as the S7/i Primes. Since macro lenses are typically used for individual shots, images captured on the 60mm, 90mm, or 150mm Macro/i FFs can be seamlessly cut into shots from other Cooke colour-balanced lenses with no additional color adjustments needed.

Macro Capabilities

These 1:1 macro lenses come in three sizes: 60mm, 90mm and 150mm. They achieve extremely close focus to the subject, significantly moreso than other lenses in Cooke’s state-of-the-art arsenal. These macro lenses have a magnificent 1:1 magnification ratio, which means that objects are captured at a 1:1 reproduction ratio, allowing any object to be viewed life size. Tiny details are captured perfectly with stunning precision, far beyond the imaging of any normal telephoto glass.

This video from "Camera Lessons Online" explains how the magnification ratio works with macro lenses:

All three of the new Cooke Macro 1:1 lenses have an extensive 270° focal rotation to achieve precise focus. This is crucial for macro lenses, which require sharp focus for operation.


Like most Cooke lenses, these Macro /i lenses have a universal maximum aperture of T2.5. This may seem less impressive than other Cooke series, but macro lenses tend to have a higher f-stop than other lenses because of its modified magnification ratio. Cooke’s 1:1 Macro 60mm, 90mm, and 150mm have a universal front diameter of 87mm. This enables filters to be swapped between lenses without any use of matte boxes. The Cooke Macro/i FF lenses have a remarkable maximum format coverage of 46.31mm. It can shoot Super35 and Full Frame formats, hence “FF plus”. Like all of Cooke’s newest inventions, the Macro /i FF use a PL/LPL mount system. PL and LPL are the popular standard for high-quality lens mounts, compared to, say, Sony’s E-mount or FujiFilm’s X-mount.

Cooke /i Metadata Technology

As the name suggests, the Macro/i primes incorporate Cooke’s proprietary /i-tech metadata system. Cooke’s /i tech makes a superior professional workflow compatible with a wide range of cameras and accessories. This metadata capture system makes an exceptional difference throughout post-production, especially as the Cooke Macro/i FF lenses log information every single frame. Lens information captured by Cooke’s /i system includes focus distance, aperture, depth of field, hyperfocal distance, serial number, owner data, lens type data, and focal length (in both meters and feet). /i Tech is one of Cooke’s many new advances that promote cohesion among its products, a newer trend among top optical manufacturers.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Cooke’s new Macro lenses are an impressive build. They're definitely worth trying out:
  • The 1:1 magnification ratio provides exceptional macro performance
  • Colour-matching, /i Tech, and universal aperture/front diameters allow seamless integration of Macro primes into any Cooke shooting package
  • The high dollar figure of $27,500 for a single lens places these lenses out of most’s price range.
These lenses aren’t really made for outright purchase, unless you’re a rental house, high-level studio, or well-equipped production company. The Macro lenses are best acquired as a rental on an as-needed basis:

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