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Masterbuilt : The Legacy Lens

Masterbuilt : The Legacy Lens

By Olivia Farrimond | January 11th, 2024

Masterbuilt, an established lens designing and manufacturing corporation based solely in Los Angeles, has unveiled their newest collection of lenses - the Legacy Lens series. Masterbuilt gained recognition from their unique design allowing vintage personality to shine through large format cinematography through previous series releases such as the Masterbuilt Classics and Masterbuilt Portrait Lenses. The Legacy Lens drop will follow it's predecessors in both quality lens performance and stunning craftsmanship. Masterbuilt prides themselves on lenses that carry vintage character all while maintaining modern optical precision. All Masterbuilt lenses are built to exacting specifications; lenses hold superior center sharpness while gradually building softness and glowing beauty throughout the frame. Masterbuilt lenses are capable of giving their user control of sharpness WITH fall-off, creating a perfect blend of both modern and vintage glass. MASTERBUILT “Legacy” The new Legacy series is described to be hand crafted to the highest standards. Masterbuilt lenses are deisgned and manufactured with the foresight and thought for the cinematographer and crew. Alongside that, each lens is hand assembled and hand engraved in the classic style for clear, crisp markings. The Legacy lenses combine the traditional lens qualities of the 1940's/50's and modern design to produce beautifully rendered images with soft contrast, glowing highlights, and balanced fall-off. We spoke with Cinematographer Jordan Oram, a talented DP who has worked on shows such as "The Porter" (2022) and "Robyn Hood" (2023) and asked for his thoughts on this particular series of lenses.     "I had the opportunity to use Masterbuilt lenses for the first season of "The Porter" and my experience was very positive. They truly brought a unique character to my workflow not having to use filter to get what I was intending."       "Regarding the new Masterbuilt Legacy series, I haven't had the chance to use them yet, but I'm genuinely excited about the prospect. Masterbuilt's approach to rehousing glass not only preserves but enhances the quality of the original optics, which is something I deeply appreciate as a cinematographer."             "Their marketing strategy is spot on, and I must give a shout-out to Tim for his exceptional work." Here Jordan refers to Tim Arasheben who is the founder of Masterbuilt Lenses, who also has an integral part in the design and crafting of each lens. The Masterbuilt strategy to highlight and concentrate on the cinematographer is an important one in today's market. "It's rare and refreshing to see a company that not only produces quality products but also actively listens and responds to the feedback of DPs. It creates a sense of community and collaboration that I value highly. I am eagerly looking forward to getting my hands on the Legacy series lenses and experimenting with them on future projects. I believe they will add a significant value and artistic touch to the visual storytelling." The Legacy Series is compatible with every camera format, from Super 35 to IMAX and are available in the following focal lengths: 32MM T 1.4 55MM T 1.2 90MM T 1.2 135MM T 1.2 Stay tuned with Bokeh Rentals for updated information on the Masterbuilt Legacy series and potential workshops involving them.

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