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Bokeh Rentals proudly becomes the official hub for Snorricam PRO in the West USA, as an authorized rental collaborator. This fresh alliance empowers Bokeh to extend exclusive and unparalleled access to the Snorricam PRO rig for our esteemed customers. Available at our Los Angeles and Las Vegas facilities, and for shipping across the West USA, this partnership further strengthens Bokeh's role as a trusted source for all cinema equipment needs

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In the mid 90s the Snorri brothers built a camera rig for a low budget music video shoot for a east village all girl’s punk band. A friend of theirs, Eric Watson, was hanging out on the set and recognized the potential in the rig to use in a movie he was producing. He asked if he could borrow the rig to show to the director of the movie. The director decided it was the perfect tool to bring out an important characteristic of the movie they were working on. The director was Darren Aronofsky, the movie was Pi, the rig was the SNORRICAM™ and the rest is indie film folklore.

Check out the innovative and one of a kind Snorricam Pro rig, now an official partner with Bokeh Rentals

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Snorricam rigs come with full rigging, multi use accessories,
and counter balance support.