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Leica Summicron-C
‘Will Trent’ Captures Atlanta with the Leica Summicron-C
Will Trent, a new series that just premiered on ABC, is the rare network television drama that creates its look with the Leica Summicron-C primes ...
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Rami Malek ARRI Master Prime
Cartier Promo uses ARRI Master Prime
In the world of cinematography, there's always a film or television show to discuss. But this week, Bokeh Rentals is zooming in on a medium where ...
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Wednesday Netflix ARRI Signature Prime
How Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Used the ARRI Signature T1.8 Primes
Straight out the gate, the Addams Family spinoff Wednesday has become a massive success. Everyone seems to be winning big: Tim Burton has directed the ...
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Star Trek Cooke Macro 85mm
How Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Used Cooke Anamorphic FF+ SF Primes
Although full frame anamorphic is typically reserved for the theatrical filmmaking, they've found a fascinating new application on Paramount+. For those who don’t know, Star ...
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TypeSK lens
Type SK Primes | Rehoused, Full Frame Vintage Canon Glass
Lensworks Rentals has just announced the release of the Type SK large format cinema lenses. The rental house based in Los Angeles has designed an ...
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Cooke 2x SF /i anamorphic lenses
Cooke Anamorphic 2x SF /i Primes | Why They’re The Best Out There
The Cooke Anamorphic 2x SF are a bold variation of the legendary brand's state-of-the-art glass. First and foremost, this package is the most updated anamorphics ...
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The Caldwell Chameleon Anamorphic Primes
Caldwell might not be as large as Cooke or Canon, but it designs lenses just as recognizable. Its newest design, the Chameleon Anamorphic lenses, as ...
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Ancient Optics Rehouses Minolta Rokkor Cine Primes
Although optical manufacturers get all the splashy headlines for their new products, there’s always exciting news about vintage lenses under the surface. For example, Ancient ...
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HUGO 21mm Cine Prime
Leitz Announces HUGO Cine Prime FF Lenses
Leitz is one of the oldest, most-established camera manufacturers around, and it’s been innovating in optical engineering since the 1870s. Leitz even has a searchable ...
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