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“Some Guys Just Can’t Handle Vegas”
A few weeks have passed since Super Bowl LVIII captivated the city of Las Vegas. Although the event is over, we have the unique opportunity ...
Usher’s Super Bowl Pregame Coverage x Hawk Anamorphics
Super Bowl LVIII has brought more than just football to Las Vegas. Alongside gifted athletes, a plethora of talent has flooded the city, including world ...
Masterbuilt : The Legacy Lens
Masterbuilt, an established lens designing and manufacturing corporation based solely in Los Angeles, has unveiled their newest collection of lenses - the Legacy Lens series ...
Canon Rangefinder 50mm GL Optics
Canon Rangefinder Primes | Vintage Rehousing
INTRODUCTION As always, Bokeh Rentals has acquired the newest, most exciting vintage glass. This time, it's the Canon Rangefinders, an historic series of primes from ...
The Creator and the FX3
Filmmakers and film aficionados worldwide are talking non stop about Gareth Edwards’ latest sci-fi release, ‘The Creator’, but the buzz is not centered around the ...
Vintage Kowa Full-Frame Primes | Rehoused by TLS & Ancient Optics
INTRODUCTION Thanks to modern lens technicians and resellers, vintage glass is never going out of style. An exciting new acquisition from Bokeh Rentals is a ...
Sony FR7s – Blending Live Production and Cinema
As the world’s first full-frame 4k PTZ camera with interchangeable lenses, Sony has introduced innovative viewpoints for both filmmakers and live productions alike. The FR7 ...
Mamiya 645 Primes | Newly Rehoused by TLS
INTRODUCTION Through all the horseracing about the newest glass for high-end digital cinema cameras, it’s easy to forget about the more expressive lenses out there ...
Cooke Sp3 Lenses
Vintage Meets Modern with Cooke’s Latest Cinema Lense Release: Meet The SP3s
Cooke Optics, a renowned name in film since their founding in 1893, proves to be a timeless brand with their latest release. Influenced by the ...

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