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URSA Mini Pro 12K
By Bokeh Rentals  /  January 11, 2022

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Cooke FF 40mm Anamorphic Special Flares with flare
Anamorphic 40mm Prime Lens Comparison Test (Technovision, Xelmus, Cooke, and Lomo)
This week, DP Max Goldberg shot an in-depth lens test at the Bokeh Rentals Facility with four lenses in high demand. Using the Alexa Mini ...
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Cooke’s New Macro/i FF 1:1 Lenses
Cooke recently announced it is "introducing a new branch of the S/7 family" with its new 1:1 Macro lenses. Details remain vague about these /i-enabled, ...
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ARRI Signature Zoom T2.8
ARRI Signature Zoom T2.8 Lenses
The ARRI Signature Zooms T2.8 might be the highest quality, highest valued lenses on the market. ARRI, the goliath manufacturer responsible for the ARRI Alexa ...
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Cooke Panchro Classic
PANCHRO/i Classic Full Frame Lenses
PANCHRO/i Classic FF lenses revitalize the Speed Panchro look Cooke Optics, the longest-standing pros in the cinema lens game, do way more than meet their ...
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Comparing the Cooke S4 and Mini S4 Cinema Primes
Cooke, arguably the top optical designer and manufacturer throughout filmmaking history, has released another set of S35 lenses called the S4/i and Mini S4/i. These ...
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Cooke Anamorphic 1.8X SF Primes
Following the success of the Cooke Anamorphic primes, the UK-based optical manufacturer understood that consumers wanted even more expression to the image’s vintage-inspired aberrations. So, ...
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ARRI Master Primes
There are very few brand names that hold the prestige of ARRI and Zeiss. So, it’s no surprise that when both companies collaborated on a ...
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Cooke S8/i T1.4 Full Frame Primes
Cooke Optics has long been regarded the premier manufacturer of professional-grade cinema lenses. With the announcement of Cooke’s newest line of cinema primes, a new ...
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LOMO Anamorphic Round Front Primes
As much as filmmakers love experimenting with the anamorphic format—there’s nothing more fun than experimenting with lenses—especially vintage lenses. With strong ties to the history ...
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