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Capture the unseen beauty of the macro world like never before. Crafted by the esteemed Cooke Optics, these lenses are meticulously designed to deliver exceptional macro cinematography performance. With optimized focal lengths and advanced optical engineering, Cooke Macro/I FF Lenses produce stunningly sharp and detailed images with true-to-life colors. Each lens is built to minimize distortion and aberrations, ensuring superior image quality across the entire frame. With precise focus control and versatile focal lengths, these lenses provide creative freedom to capture the intricacy and magnificence of macro subjects. Robustly built for professional use, Cooke Macro/I FF Lenses withstand the demands of any shooting environment. Step into a new realm of creativity and bring unseen details to life with Cooke Macro/I FF Lenses. Available in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

  • Cooke MACRO/I FF 60mm T2.5
  • Cooke MACRO/I FF 90mm T2.5
  • Cooke MACRO/I FF 150mm T2.5

Unparalleled Macro Performance: The Cooke Macro/I FF Lenses offer unparalleled macro capabilities, enabling you to explore a whole new world of close-up shots. With their optimized focal lengths and advanced optical design, these lenses deliver stunning macro images with exceptional sharpness, intricate detail, and true-to-life colors.

Superior Image Quality: Designed with Cooke’s legendary expertise, these lenses provide superior image quality across the entire frame. Each lens is meticulously engineered to minimize distortion, aberrations, and color fringing, resulting in sharp, high-resolution images with remarkable contrast and rich tonal gradations.

Versatile Focal Lengths: The Cooke Macro/I FF Lens series features a range of focal lengths, allowing you to choose the perfect lens for your specific macro cinematography needs. From wider perspectives to closer, more detailed shots, these lenses provide the versatility required to bring your creative vision to life.

Smooth and Precise Focus: With their buttery-smooth focus control, the Cooke Macro/I FF Lenses offer precise focusing even at close distances. Achieve critical focus with ease, allowing you to capture the subtlest nuances and reveal the intricate beauty of your subjects in stunning clarity.

Feature Highlights:

  • A Full Frame version of the famous Cooke Speed Panchro lenses: the vintage look with modern opto-mechanical design.
  • Colour balanced and colour matched – ensuring consistency across the series.
  • Tough, reliable, easy to maintain and easy to use, built for the most demanding environments.
  • /i Technology records key lens data for every shot, removing uncertainty from set-to-post information.


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